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 The Silly Game

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PostSubject: The Silly Game   The Silly Game EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 10:38 pm

Welcome to the Silly game! Here you can be VERY silly! For example:

Me: Hi Andrew, can I buy your pants?

Andrew: No way dude! But can I buy your shirt?

Me: No! But can I buy your pants?

Andrew: You wouldn't give me your shirt so NO. But can I buy your hair?

And so many hours later . . .

Me: No, I want your PANTS!!

Then 999,999,999 years later . . . . .
The Silly Game 563718

AndreW: Can I buy your shirt?

So much later that the producer and the director died . . and then they had to hire a NEW one!

You get it now? It doesn't have to do with buying though, and in each sentence you msut say something silly, not jsut a normal sentence. Enjoy!
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The Silly Game
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