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 Exchanging Rules

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PostSubject: Exchanging Rules   Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:23 pm

When exchanging, please remember to follow our Exchanging Rules.

Arrow No scamming on WK! If you are caught scamming or trying to scam, your Exchanging privileges will be taken away indefinitely.
Arrow Always be polite when Exchanging. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
Arrow You must list ALL of your exchanges on your exchange thread.
Arrow The person with less exchanges ALWAYS sends first! If you are unsure on how many exchanges the other person has, check their Exchange Thread. Staff members always send SECOND.
Arrow NO trading in PM's or profiles whatsoever.
Arrow No excessive bumping.
Arrow NO trading pet codes or actual WW Accounts.
Arrow If there are ANY problems, contact an Extreme Exchanger IMMEDIATELY.
Arrow You are allowed to have ONE trading thread. If more than one is made, the newest ones will be deleted. If you want to ever close/reopen your Exchange Thread, ask a staff member.
Arrow When offering on somebody else's item, do not offer right away. This is what you should say: "I am interested in your ________, please let me know when I may offer."
Arrow Answer each post on your Exchange Thread IN ORDER. Do not skip over anybody.
Arrow When talking to somebody on your Exchange Thread, use the quote button. This makes it a lot less confusing for guests on your thread.

Thank you,

WK Staff

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Exchanging Rules
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