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 Holiday Items (W-Shop, Holiday Gift Bags)

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PostSubject: Holiday Items (W-Shop, Holiday Gift Bags)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:10 pm


Christmas 2005- All Items are Priceless

Elf Hat and Shoes
Silver Christmas Tree

Christmas 2006- All Items are Priceless

Bright Light Tree
Red and Green Gem Tree
Silver Menorah
Snowcat Snowglobe

Christmas 2007

Dec 2008- 10,000
Mar 2009- 15,000
Jun 2009- 20,000
Sept 2009- 25,000
Dec 2009- Priceless

For Candy Cane Only:

Dec 2008 (500)
Mar 2009 (1000)
Jun 2009 (1500)
Sept 2009 (2500)
Dec 2009 (5000)

Green Kinz Outfit (3 piece)
Sparkling Tree

Christmas 2008

Cheery Chimney Fireplace 1900
Christmas Treats Coffee Table 300
Classic Christmas Tree 275
Colorful Menorah 125
First Snow Christmas Tree 300
Glittering Gem Tree 175
Golden Menorah 300
Grand Christmas Tree 1000
Holiday House Coat 115
Holiday Night Dress 100
Holiday Warmth Candle Lamp 110
Jolly Holiday Dining Table 1050
Merry Magic Sleigh Bed 1400
North Pole Lampost 315
Santakinz' Christmas Chair 875
Santakinz' Dining Chair 185
Santakinz' Side Table 195
Santakinz' Sofa 750
Santakinz' Workshop Dresser 850
Santakinz' Workshop Flooring 225
Santakinz' Workshop Wall Lantern 135
Santakinz' Workshop Walls 300
Santakinz' Workshop Wide Window 600
Santakinz' Workshop Window 375 (do not confuse this with the 08 WIDE window)
Shining Silver Menorah 250
Small Red Christmas Tree 150
Steps to Santakinz Room Divider 175

Mar 2009- 2x sale value
Jun 2009- 4x sale value
Sept 2009- 6x sale value
Dec 2009- Flat rate- 10,000

Christmas Accessories

Kinzstyle Elf Outfit (Do not confuse this with the 2005 Elf Outfit)
Red Santa Suit (Set of 4-Hat, Jacket, Belt, Pants)
Holiday Wardrobe

Dec 2008- 9,000
Mar 2009- 10,000
Jun 2009- 15,000
Sept 2009- 20,000
Dec 2009- 25,000
Jun 2010- 30,000


Last Available October 2005

Monsters' Lair Gate 450 PRICELESS

Last Available October 2006

B&W Cat Costume, complete costume-with all four parts (Feet, Hat, Pants, Shirt) PRICELESS
Gargoyle Lamp PRICELESS
Haunted House Flooring (2005 AND 2006) PRICELESS
Haunted House Wallpaper (2005 AND 2006) PRICELESS
Spider's Web Window PRICELESS

Last Available October 2007

Creepy Bed
Elephant Costume (Feet, Hat, Pants, Shirt)
Giant Spider Dining Table
Gothic Window
Haunted Organ
Hippo Costume (Feet, Hat, Pants, Shirt)
Lion Costume (Feet, Hat, Pants, Shirt)
Phantom Trophy Pedestal
Tombstone Chair
Witch's Brew Stove

Last Available October 2008

All Hallows' Stove 1150
Chilling Lanterns Lamp 100
Coffee Table Tomb 275
Crystal Advisor Ball 250
Frightening Lightning Window 700
Gargoyle Book Shelf 525
Gargoyle Chair 200
Gargoyle Desk 325
Gargoyle Sofa 625
Giant Spider Web 150
Haunted Creatures Flooring 250
Haunted Dungeon Gate 1800
Haunted House Walls 225
Haunted Refrigerator 575
Jack-O-Side Table 150
Licorice Bats 10
Mausoleum Television 900
Pumpkin Pop 10
Purple Pumpkin Chair 395
Purple Pumpkin Dining Table 786
Spooky Cobweb Bed 1367
Witch's Banquet Place Setting 125
(Numbers next to item is the W-Shop purchase price)

When items leave the shop (Oct): still worth their W-Shop value for a couple of months
3 months after the Holiday (January): worth two times their W-Shop value
6 months after the Holiday (April): worth four times their W-Shop value
9 months after the Holiday (July): worth six times their W-Shop value
If they don't return at one year (Oct): 15000
15 months after the Holiday (Jan): 20000
18 months after the Holiday (Apr): 25000
21 months after the Holiday (Jul): 30000
If they haven't returned in two years (Oct): PRICELESS


Year 1

Halloween 2005 (October 31st)

Halloween Hat (Witch)

Christmas 2005 (December 25th)

Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear

Easter 2006 (April 16th)

Bunny Ears (white)
Chocolate Eggs (See "Click to Win")

Webkinz Day 2006 (April 29th)

Year One Cake
Year One Trophy
Year One Print

Year 2

Halloween 2006 (October 31st)

Pumpkin Pop
Phantom Pop
Licorice Bats
Jack-o-Lantern Hat

Tooth Extractor: Recipe made using a Phantom Pop, a Pumpkin Pop, and Licorice Bats. PRICELESS

Thanksgiving 2006 (November 23rd)

Pumpkin Pie (same as 2007 and 2008)
Thanksgiving Dinner (same as 2007)
Pilgrim Hat (same as 2007)

Christmas 2006 (December 25th)

Holiday Fruitcake
SantaKinz's Reindeer Antlers
Winter Fun Zingoz

Valentine's Day 2007 (February 14th)

Valentine's Bouquet
Fancy Chocolate Heart

Easter 2007 (April 8th)

Marshmallow Bunnies
Chocolate Eggs (See "Click to Win")
Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears

Webkinz Day 2007 (April 29th)

Year Two Cake
Year Two Trophy
Year Two Print

Year 3

Halloween 2007 (October 31st)

Frankenkinz Hat
Gummy Spiders

Thanksgiving 2007 (November 22nd)

Pumpkin Pie
Thanksgiving Dinner
Pilgrim Hat

Christmas 2007 (December 25th)

Tree Topper Holiday Hat
Best Friendz/Wacky Zingoz Snow Globe
Gingerbread Monkey

Valentine's Day 2008 (February 14th)

Sweetheart Chocolates
Heart's Desire Roses

Easter 2008 (March 23rd)

Chocolate Eggs (See "Click to Win")
Spring Celebration Shoes

Webkinz Day 2008 (April 29th)

Webkinz Day Cake 2008
Webkinz Day 2008 Print
Webkinz Day 2008 Trophy

Year 4

Summer Sensation (June 28th)

Summer Sensation Place Setting

Halloween 2008 (October 31st)

Pumpkin Pop
Fearsome Fang Gummies
Mummy Wrap

Thanksgiving 2008 (November 27th)

Thanksgiving Platter
Bowl Of Cranberries
Pumpkin Pie

Christmas 2008 (December 25th)

Holiday Sno-Cone
Holiday Art Plush
Holiday Bomber Jacket

Valentine's Day 2009 (February 14th)

Tart Heart Candies
Valentine's Tubby Tummies Bear

Easter 2009 (April 12th)

Chocolate Eggs (See "Click to Win")
Chocolate Egg Area Rug
Springtime Jelly Beans

Webkinz Day 2009 (April 29th)

Webkinz Day Year Four Print
Webkinz Day Year Four Cake
Webkinz Day Year Four Trophy

starting value: Food 2000 Other 4000
after 3 months: Food 3500 Other 6000
after 6 months: Food 7500 Other 10000
after 9 months: Food 12000 Other 15000
after 12 months: Food 17500 Other 20000
after 18 months: Food 25000 Other 30000
after 24 months: All items are considered to be PRICELESS

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Warning Level :
Posts : 1348
Kingdom Koins : 242789
Reputation : 18
Join date : 2009-07-27
Location : East Coast... Kind of...

PostSubject: Re: Holiday Items (W-Shop, Holiday Gift Bags)   Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:53 pm

Please disregard this post.

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Holiday Items (W-Shop, Holiday Gift Bags)
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