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 Priceless Values

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PostSubject: Priceless Values   Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:36 pm

*The value for priceless items are up to the person trading them. We suggest that priceless items start at 40,000 kc for Level 1 and go up 25,000 kc for each level.

Level 1: (40,000 kc)
Love Puppy PSI (Seasonal Pet Item)
Sherbet Bunny PSI (Seasonal Pet Item)
Purple Lava (Exclusive)
Fancy Tea Service (Exclusive)
Blue & Yellow Grandfather Clock (Exclusive)
Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears (Easter '07)
Marshmallow Bunnies (Easter '07)
Year Two Cake (Webkinz Day '07)
Year Two Trophy (Webkinz Day '07)
Year Two Print (Webkinz Day '07)
Fancy Chocolate Heart (Valentine's Day '07)
Valentine's Bouquet (Valentine's Day '07)

Level 2: (65,000 kc)
Bright Light Modern Tree (Christmas '06)
Red & Green Gem Christmas Tree (Christmas '06)
Silver Menorah (Christmas '06)
Snowcat Snowglobe (Christmas '06)
SantaKinz's Reindeer Antlers (Christmas Gift '06)
Winter Fun Zingoz (Christmas Gift '06)
Holiday Fruitcake (Christmas Gift '06)
Gargoyle Lamp (Halloween '06)
Ghostly Urn (Halloween '06)
Tooth Extractor (Halloween Recipe '06)
Spider's Web Window (Halloween '06)
Jack-o-Lantern Hat (Halloween Gift '06)
Phantom Pop (Halloween Gift '06)
Token Collector Trophy (Trophy)

Level 3: (90,000 kc)
B&W Cat Costume (complete: Feet, Hat, Pants, Shirt) (Halloween '06)
Zingoz Bounce Trophy (Trophy)
Cheeky Kitty Range (Pet Specific Item)
Cheeky Dog Grill (Pet Specific Item)
Silver Zingoz Pop Trophy (Trophy)
Blue Dragster (replica sold in eStore)
Skater Cat Trophy (replica sold in eStore)
Stone Elephant Statue (replica sold in eStore)

Level 4: (115,000 kc)
Antique Western Brass Vase (Retired wShop)
WZ Jeans (Click to Win)
Sparkling Star Bed (Magical Retriever)

Level 5: (140,000 kc)
White Bunny Ears (Easter Gift '06)
Webkinz Day Year One Cake (Webkinz Day Gift '06)
Webkinz Day Year One Print (Webkinz Day Gift '06)
Webkinz Day Year One Trophy (Webkinz Day Gift '06)
Sun's Embrace Bed (Mystical Panda)

Level 6: (165,000 kc)
Elf Hat (Christmas '05)
Elf Shoes (Christmas '05)
Halloween Hat (Halloween Gift '05)
Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear (Christmas Gift '05)
Monsters Lair Gate (Halloween '05)
Nutcracker (Christmas '05)
Silver Christmas Tree (Christmas '05)
Mr. Moo's Chocolate Bar (Click to Win)

Level 7: (190,000 kc)
Haunted House Flooring (Halloween '06)
Haunted House Wallpaper (Halloween '06)
Mauna Loa Lamp (Exclusive)

Level 8: (215,000 kc)
wCares Dining Set (wCares)
Zingoz Dunk Trophy (Trophy)

Level 9: (240,000 kc)
Baseball Hat (Retired wShop)
Figure Skates (Retired wShop)
Hockey Skates (Retired wShop)
Toy Tool Belt (Retired wShop)

Level 10: (265,000 kc)
Bowling Trophy (Trophy)
Crafty Critterz Trophy (Trophy)
Director’s Chair Trophy (Trophy)
Master Chef Trophy (Trophy)
Member of the Day Trophy (Trophy)
Room Design Contest Trophies (Trophy)
Wintergreen (Green) Candy Cane Bed (Wintermint Reindeer)
Writing Contest Trophies (Trophy)
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Priceless Values
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